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Sunshine Staffing Consultants will be happy to help you find a position in a local office or placement that involves clerical functions. When you’re organized and communicate well with other coworkers, you will surely find a place in one of the client-companies that we handle. We invite qualified professionals to become part of the
Sunshine Staffing Consultants network.

Let us help you land a job that helps you professionally grow as well as personally attain satisfaction in your chosen trade.

For applicants, please send your details online.

If you are an employer looking for team members to fill your office/clerical positions, you will want to work with us. Let us fill your open positions with the best talents available, set an appointment with Sunshine Staffing Consultants for a consultation. Or, you can submit your staffing requirements online.

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Benefits for Successful Candidates

  • Paid Holidays and Vacations
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Medical Insurance
  • Payroll Processed Locally
  • Direct Deposit
  • Incentive Programs